Observe, Feel, Click, Repeat!

Vision - A beautiful vision is something all you need to have for turning your passion into photography.

Phone Vs DSLR! – Don’t be confused between Canon or Nikon, it's all about how smartly you can click with your weapon. Phone photographers are doing wizards in the field of photography, oh yes for a professional career you do need a camera, but for a beautiful start, the phone is the best option.

Create a sense of depth – Sense of depth is something every beginner should learn. Use foreground backgrounds and try to capture whatsoever you wish to.

Explore different Genres – Don’t just stick in one hollow. Prefer learning different forms and patterns of photography. If you’re expert in wedding, then explore portrait, fashion, food, street, travel, aerial, architecture and many more. You can capture and publish a photography series on your blog or can exhibit it.

Experiment with the backgrounds – Newer the vision, better the picture. Play and experiment with the backgrounds and create an extra appealing photographic vision!

Use Social Media platforms - Create a facebook page and turn your network into clients. Instagram is all about photos, photos, and a good caption. You can create your own innovative handle (Instagram id) and let people follow your work through one single hashtag. Instagram is the finest platform for exploring photography and indulging your creativity through the phone itself.

Follow legends – Captain can only win the trophy when he knows how to win! Follow top most photographers, learn how they play with ISO & Aperture. Mix your vision into it and invent something innovative out of it. More you observe the more you can click well.

Books – Oh yes, books can get you the exact way. I know photographers believe in capturing rather than sitting and reading, but reading will expand your horizons for an excellent career in photojournalism.

Learn designing tools – Nowadays, photographers are not just stuck to the photography, they’re playing with the lights and learning image editing as well. Create your own watermark, develop a photogenic website and turn professional photographer from just another learner.

So keep clicking folks!

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